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Games & Giveaways

420 Clicks Giveaway

You have clicks remaining.

How to Play

  • Each player (that’s you) gets 10 clicks of the Big Green Button™ per contest.
  • Each 420th click of the Big Green Button wins a prize for the lucky clicker.
  • You may use your clicks as quickly or patiently as you want. They don’t expire until a 420th click is registered by a player on the site.
  • Concentrate on feeling out the timing of your clicks, and cross your fingers!


Got some time to spare? Like playing video games? We’ve collected some of the best games from around the web and provided them here for your enjoyment.


In Bong-o-Matic, the goal of the game is to get as high as you can without getting sick! Be careful…you don’t want to die!

The Ganja Farm

How long can you last? Get the aliens before they get your crop!

Marijuana Stand 3

Check out this 3rd installment of the Marijuana Stand series! Will you be the next MJ tycoon? (Takes a few moments to load.)

Honey Bear

Join Weedis Fillbong, your host and cannabis connoisseur, to test your marijuana IQ by presenting you with fifteen marijuana related trivia questions!

Incriminati 2

Race to stash the goods before the parents come home!