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15% off when you place an order online 8a-12pm
*can’t be combined WITH OTHER DISCOUNTS*

Buy 3 Get 4th Edible for $1


Top Shelf Staff Pick OZ - $124.99 OTD

Monthly Special OZ - $99 OTD 

Popcorn 1/2 OZ - $50 OTD

Shake 1/2 Ounce - $40 OTD - cannabis_PNG52.png

topicals &

Mix & Match Lunar Elixir Tincture (sleep) & 1:1 Hybrid Tincture  buy one get one for .10 cents. 

Phoenix Blend Balm & Dragons Blend Balms buy one get one for .10 cents.

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Pheonix Blend Balm

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​​Warm to the touch, Phoenix Blend is one of Colorado's most potent THC topicals. This full-spectrum salve is composed of 25 botanicals used in traditional medicine aimed at relieving the worst of pains.


This product can be slightly numbing, so a little bit goes an incredibly long way. For optimal results, apply after a warm bath or shower to the afflicted area(s).

Dragon's Blend Balm


Dragon's Blend truly shines because of its balance. It perfectly blends full-spectrum cannabis and hemp with the finest herbs, spices, and oils that nature has to offer.

This balm is perfect for both inflammation and pain relief. For optimal results, apply daily after a warm bath or shower.

Lunar Elixir


Lunar Elixir has been carefully formulated to help you get a good night’s rest. Using a calming blend of herbs that work synergistically with our carefully chosen blend of cannabinoids including CBN, to create a natural sleep aid that calms both body and mind.


Kief Infused Gram Pre-roll: Buy 2 get 1

Hash Oil + Terp Infused: Buy 2 get 1

5-1/2 gram pack of Joints: Buy 2 get 1! 


While supplies last, deals are subject to change. 

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